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Improving the Function of Smiles

You use all of your teeth to complete basic daily tasks every day, like chewing a piece of steak or speaking with friends. Whether a single tooth goes missing or all of them do, having gaps in your smile can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life and confidence. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with missing teeth and a smile that isn’t functioning for you. At Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry, we offer several custom-tailored tooth replacement treatments to restore your smile, like dentures, bridges, and dental implants. You can learn more about your options for replacing missing teeth in Altavista, VA by scheduling a consultation with our team today.

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Why Choose Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry
for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Hand holding a full  set of dentures

Dentures have been around, in some shape or form, for thousands of years now, according to historians. Thankfully, today’s versions are more lifelike, modern, and comfortable than ever before! Our doctors can design both partial and full models, depending on the extent of the patient’s tooth loss. These appliances are removable in nature, which means you can clean them separately and store them while sleeping. If you’d prefer a more permanent and sturdier tooth replacement, implant-retained prosthetics are available as well here in the Altavista area.

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Dental Implants

Model showing natural tooth and dental implant supported tooth

Dental implants are a modern, strong, and stable tooth replacement solution that rivals traditional restorations like dentures. They utilize small, titanium implant posts that fuse with your jawbone to hold a bridge, crown, or denture in place, eliminating the need to alter any existing teeth or use messy denture adhesive. They offer a wide array of unique benefits as well, including preventing jawbone deterioration and a lifespan of 35+ years with the proper maintenance.

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