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Fast Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can strike when a person is least expecting it. All of a sudden, you’ve tripped on the stairs and cracked a tooth, or biting down on a hard candy has left you with a severe pain that just isn’t going away. Whatever your circumstances are, Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry understands how important it is to find help fast when you’re uncomfortable and panicked. That’s why we offer emergency dentistry in record time for patients from Altavista and surrounding areas! Don’t hesitate to contact our dental office today for emergency dentistry in Altavista, VA.

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek in pain

Why Choose Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry
for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Sedation
    Dentistry Available
  • Experienced & Friendly Dental Team
  • TMJ Dysfunction Therapy Available

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Woman in pain after biting an apple needs emergency dentistry

We will make time as soon as possible to treat your urgent case if it happens during business hours, and after work, a member of our team will always be on call as well. Whether you’ve been a patient at our dental office for years or you’re brand-new, we want to provide you with the relief you need as soon as possible. But what actually counts as a dental emergency? Here are the most common cases we see:


Woman with toothache holding cheek in pain

Toothaches are common signs of infections that have developed deep beneath the enamel of your teeth. To ease your pain, you can place a cold compress on the outside of your mouth in 10-minute increments or take an over-the-counter pain medication, like ibuprofen.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

Closeup of smile with chipped front tooth

If you’re able to find the broken-off portion of your tooth, rinse it off and bring it to your appointment. If the damage has created a sharp edge, you can place a piece of orthodontic wax over it to keep it from irritating the soft tissue inside your mouth.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Metal clasp holding a knocked out tooth

Time is of the essence, so quickly retrieve the broken-off portion of your tooth, being sure to only handle it by the biting surface, and rinse it under a cool stream of water. To keep it viable, either place it back in its socket or store it in a sealable container filled with salt water or milk.

Lost Filling/Crown

Dentist examining smile after replacing a lost dental restoration

If you can find your restoration, rinse it off and adhere it back to your tooth using a dab of denture adhesive or toothpaste. Remember that this is only a temporary solution, and in order to prevent an infection from developing, you’ll need to have it permanently repaired or replaced.

Head/Neck/Jaw Pain

Person with jaw pain holding her cheek

If you experience chronic jaw pain due to TMJ dysfunction, slightly open your mouth and massage your joints at either side of your face. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication as well.

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Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman brushing teeth to prevent dental emergencies

While you’ll never be able to protect your family from dental emergencies with a 100% success rate, here are some helpful tips that can minimize everyone’s risk over the years:

  • Be very careful when eating foods that are very sticky, hard, or chewy. Also, don’t chew on the ice in your drinks!
  • Rely on scissors for help with opening packaging instead of your own teeth.
  • Always wear an oral appliance (preferably one from Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry) if you grind your teeth or if you participate in sports often.
  • Make sure to schedule regular checkups and cleanings! Our team is highly capable of catching problems when they’re still small, and we’ll be able to prevent them from becoming the dental emergencies of tomorrow.

The Cost of Dental Emergencies

Dental team member and patient discussing the cost of treating dental emergencies

The cost of your dental emergency appointment will depend on what treatment you require. After we’ve conducted a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, we’ll go over the procedures that we recommend to get your oral health back on the right track and get rid of your pain. We take pride in providing honest and transparent dentistry, so if you have any questions about the cost or details about the treatment, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Root Canals

X-ray of smile before root canal therapy

Root canals (also known as ‘root canal therapy) are a very important service and one that can rescue badly injured and/or infected teeth from having to be removed from your smile. One of our doctors will carefully access the affected tooth’s inner chamber, removing diseased pulp and infected nerves from within and replacing it with a similar, biocompatible substance. After the tooth has been thoroughly sealed, a custom-made restoration on top completes the process. Many patients go on to enjoy their revitalized teeth for the rest of their lives!

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Tooth Extractions

Metal clasp holding a tooth after extraction

Tooth extraction is not a service that people are often excited about, and it’s certainly one that our team at Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry works hard to prevent in our patients each and every day. Unfortunately, it may sometimes be the right choice for protecting your oral health and your overall quality of life. For instance, the tooth may be too decayed to save with a less dire restorative service, or you’re in need of orthodontic treatment and a tooth must be removed to make space for the improvements.

Here in the Altavista area, younger and older patients alike can rest easy knowing that our team will help them remain comfortable and calm throughout their extraction experience. Sedation dentistry is available to help calm the nerves upon request. Plus, we’ll be sure to provide you with all the post-operative instructions you need to recover as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our doctors can also start working with you on a tooth replacement solution right away!