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Dental Crowns & Bridges

The Miller & Wolf Family Dentistry team partners with our patients to keep their smiles whole and healthy for life. However, there are some situations where decay and damage can’t be avoided. When necessary, we offer restorative dentistry services to replace lost tooth structure and renew oral health. Dental crowns and bridges are two of the most commonly used restorations, and they allow us to preserve and replace damaged teeth to recreate damaged smiles. Call our office right away if you experience tooth decay or damage. It’s always best for us to start repairing your smile immediately.

Dental Crown Restoration

Woman receiving dental treatmentA dental crown is an advanced restoration used to repair teeth following decay or damage. These restorations are crafted to fit over the top of the damaged tooth, replacing lost structure and protecting the smile from additional damage. We may use dental crowns in a number of situations, including:

Fixed Bridge Tooth Replacement

Woman in dental chair looking at x-raysA fixed bridge is a tooth replacement option crafted by attaching one or more replacement teeth to two dental crowns, one on each side. The dental crowns are attached to healthy teeth, supporting the fixed bridge and recreating lost tooth structure. We can use fixed bridges to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth.

The Restoration Process

Custom crowns and bridges on table topRepairing smiles with a dental crown or fixed bridge will require patients to visit our office for at least two appointments. During the initial visit, we prepare teeth by removing any damaged tissue and clearing away a small amount of tooth enamel around the entire tooth to allow the dental restoration to fit into the natural smile line. A bite impression is captured that will be used by our trusted dental lab to create your custom crown or bridge, and we place a temporary to protected the prepared teeth. When we receive the final restoration from our lab, you’ll come back to the office to exchange your temporary for a custom dental crown or bridge.

Caring for Your Smile Following Restoration

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upWhile you still have a temporary crown or bridge, you should avoid chewing with that part of the mouth. You should continue to brush and floss as usual, but take special care when cleaning the area around the temporary. After we exchange your temporary for a custom restoration, you should treat the restored tooth gently for the first few days. Then, you can return to your regular brushing and flossing routine and resume eating a varied diet. You may want to switch to a softer toothbrush or less abrasive toothpaste to ensure there will be no unnecessary dental wear.

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