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4 Things Your Teeth Say About You

December 7, 2020

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While your body language can show your emotions, your smile can also say quite a bit about you. No matter what you tell your dentist in Altavista, your teeth will reveal whether you smoke and how often. They can also give insight into your mental health, your age and your personality type. How? Keep reading for 4 things your bite can say about you!

Your Age

The average person will lose between 1 and 5 millimeters of their tooth length as they age. Younger teeth typically have rounded incisors and are more rectangular in shape. Older teeth tend to be more squared.

Your Personal Habits

Even if you can’t see the difference in your teeth after smoking or drinking, your dentist can. The two biggest telltale signs of these habits are dental staining and gum disease. Even smokeless tobacco products can damage gum tissue and cause it to loosen around your teeth. If the effects of smoking don’t show on the exterior surface, you can rest assured that the interior surfaces of your teeth are stained. Liquor, beer and mixed drinks typically are high in sugar content and acidity, which cause enamel to wear away. This puts regular drinkers at risk of developing long-term tooth decay and, eventually, gum disease.

The Status of Your Mental Health

Researchers have found that they can use information from a child’s enamel to determine whether they are likely to suffer from mental illness. How? Your enamel acts as a fossil, recording the history of what your body and cells have experienced. Teeth grow in layers, developing marks as a tree would as it ages. Researchers believe these marks can provide insight into a child’s experiences with stress as they age.

Your Personality Traits

Your teeth can reflect your personal hygiene and habits, but they can also provide an idea about your personality. For example, people who are anxious or competitive often grind or clench their teeth and have fractured molars. Curved, less pointy canine teeth indicate a more passive personality, while sharper canines give the impression of more aggressive tendencies. Those who tend to be the life of the party usually have teeth that show results of excessive drinking and smoking as well as frequent consumption of carbonated drinks.

It can be easy to forget how much people assume about you based on the appearance of your teeth. This is one of the reasons for practicing proper oral hygiene is so important. The good news is that in addition to getting your oral health back on track, your dentist also offers many cosmetic dentistry options that can help make sure your smile always helps you make a great first impression.

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